Eastern Washington Beauty!

About a 3 hour drive from Sammamish is a kept secret by those living in Eastern Washington. Wide open spaces with the Yakima & Columbia Rivers meandering through, it's an easy … [Read More]

Eastern Washington Beauty

The Snoqualmie River

This breathtaking view was captured by my friend Kirk Werner while fly fishing for steelhead on a rare sunny December day. It was a stupendous day for him, his friend, and his … [Read More]

A Day on the Snoqualmie

Seattle Views

From a high rise in the Bellevue Towers, this view just as the sun was setting was breathtaking. … [Read More]

Seattle Sunsets are Hard to Beat

Mt Rainier

Mt. Rainier...about a 3 hour drive from Seattle. We took advantage of the view from the top of Crystal Mountain via the gondola ride to the top. It was a great adventure that … [Read More]

Mt. Rainier

Rugged Mountains

Mountains can be so awe inspiring and humbling at the same time. So beautiful but can whip you into submission when you try to climb it. (Photo: Steve Avril) … [Read More]

Rugged Mountains

Montana Lake

If you look hard enough, you'll find hidden gems like this lake that holds either trout or bass in Washington. This lake happens to be in Montana. (Photo: Steve Avril) … [Read More]

Montana Lake

Montana Trout Stream

Sometimes there is nothing that gets the heart pumping more than water bubbling with trout. (Photo: Steve Avril) … [Read More]

Montana Trout Stream

Montana Farmhouse

I love the images of farmhouses with a mountain backdrop. Many can be found in Central and Eastern Washington similar to this image that was shot by my buddy Steve Avril on … [Read More]


Biking, Fishing, or Watching Wildlife

Travel over the gentle rolling hills and rural farmlands of Eastern Washington on a warm summer evening and experience a plethora of shapes and colors that will forever … [Read More]



In Washington you will find majestic forests, snow-clad mountains, the might Pacific Ocean and the sparkling blue inland waters of the Puget Sound, as well as vast and … [Read More]



Comb the beach, fish the rivers, delve deep into the forest, ride bikes on rolling roads, watch for whales, hike to a summit and join the eagles, walk in the quiet of ancient … [Read More]


Seattle Skyline

Nationally recognized as one of the most livable cities in the United States, Seattle is where you can explore the contrasting thrills of a metropolitan playground on the edge … [Read More]

Downtown Seattle - Panorama

Ferry Boats

The last stop in the states for gold prospectors heading to Alaska, the waterfront attracts people with its sea air and sounds. A simple Seattle pastime is to stroll the … [Read More]